Book Cover Designs

Premade Cover Prices

Each cover price ranges from FREE – $350 [COVER ONLY] E-book or Paperback

Repositioning of text/images are free and use of different font styles are of no charge (unless I have to come up with a completely new font design).

*There are sometimes discounted and/or free covers available.

*Payment Plans are always an option–I’m pretty flexible.

*Do you see a cover you like but don’t have your book finished yet? Not a problem! You have the option to put it “on hold” if you pay half of the asking price. Keep the design “on hold” for 6 months that way no one else can purchase it before you finish your work and you can use it! All designs are sold only once so no worries about duplicate covers from me.

*Images below have a watermark pattern on them. Images will also be removed off of here once sold.

Additional Available Services

  • Full wrap: $150 [for one either KDP or Ingram–if you need layouts for both prints that’s an additional $50]
  • Audiobook Cover Design: $40
  • Bookmark Design Only: $30
  • Sticker Design Only: $20
  • Author Plate Design Only: $20
  • I can do other types of design work–just message me with your ideas and we can discuss a quote!

Commission Cover Designs

Pricing depends on amount of work and deadlines (Ranging from $200 – $800). *Plus any additional services

Available Premade Covers

Email me if you’re interested in purchasing any covers or if you want to work together!