Book Review – DOUBLE VISION by Hamelin Bird

This was a great mysterious detective story about an alcoholic cop (former detective) trying to figure out the disappearance of some teenage boys. There’s a little bit of a supernatural element and a lot of internal struggles with Michael the cop.

The story starts out a little slower, building up the plot and showing the demise of Michael as he lives an alcohol fueled life. He tries to come to terms with his divorce and has a strained relationship with his teenage son. Michael is truly a tragic hero in this story and shows a lot of character growth which I loved.

There are multiple perspectives which I enjoyed and helped with certain reveals. The ending was a trip and the last couple pages surprised me. Hamelin did a great job intertwining generational traumas, tragic characters and a supernatural murder mystery.

This book has a lot of introspection and inner dialogue, so I know that style might not jive with some readers but if you are a fan of a character driven story–then this one is for you!

4/5 stars

*Thank you to the author for a copy of the book in exchange of my honest review.

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