Book Review – YOU’VE LOST A LOT OF BLOOD by Eric LaRocca

“A worm doesn’t listen to a grasshopper.”

LaRocca continues to blow my mind with his stories.

This is a book where the story, in a similar fashion as Things Have Gotten Worse Since the Last Time We Spoke, is in transcripts surrounding a MC named Martyr. Another part of the story is a novella that Martyr wrote which involves a young woman who is hired to be a video game character designer and moves into a questionable situation with her little brother.

I have seen other reviews where people said they weren’t as interested in the novella portions of this book but I am the opposite. I was so much more invested in the video game parts and was really excited to see where it would go. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to know the story behind Martyr and his partner, Ambrose but the super weird mystery with the novella had me hooked. There was a twist I wasn’t fully expecting and I was pleasantly surprised by the ending of You’ve Lost a Lot of Blood.

This book is easily quotable and had some many creepy descriptions, I was in love. Weirdly, I think this has been the “most tamed” book out of the three I’ve read from LaRocca so far but it still had a decent amount of body horror.

You’ve Lost a Lot of Blood was a win for me and Eric will forever be on my auto read list. Brilliant.

4/5 stars

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