Short Story Review – THE SCAMPERING by Alana K. Drex & A.W. Mason

This is definitely a short and sweet extreme horror story that has undertones of revenge and grief. I don’t really want to say much about it considering it’s short and I always find it more enjoyable going into stories without knowng anything.

With this, you get what you’re expecting–grossness, body horror, ridiculousness and weird.

It’s a fun thing to read while you are waiting in line somewhere or in a waiting room–quick and easy to read.
As you might suspect there are content warnings so look into them if you have any sensitivities at all.

Also, the cover is just…perfect.



Melinda hates squirrels. She blames them for her husbands death, and as time goes forward, instead of trying to move on, her obsessive anger only grows. But what has lead Melinda to blame the little rodents for her husband’s demise? And where will this hateful path ultimately lead her.

25 pages, ebook, KU



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