Book Review – HEART OF GLASS by Craig Wallwork

I am a Craig Wallwork fan…there I said it. He has such a brilliant way of writing tragic characters that makes you care for them even if they are “bad.”

This is a story about a couple that do sympathy kills of people that deem the mercy. Also, the main character, Jack, has a hereditary heart disease that means he will pass away on his birthday (I forget the age). So many secrets come out about everyones histories and lives. I really had no idea where this story was going considering it starts out with the characters murdering people, like where do you go to from here? Well Craig did an amazing job at weaving such intricate storylines together that it makes you go “oh wow” by the end.

A really superb book about trauma, fears, revenge and the need for control. Love can make people do the wildest things and this story shows that.

I also enjoyed how this takes place in the same universe as Tom Nolan from Wallwork’s other books (I’m a big fan of the series). I recommend reading those first and then reading this. It really doesn’t spoil anything in any books but it was just fun to see an old friend again. 🙂

Again, this was fun and had great plot twists! Highly recommend.


Author: Craig Wallwork

185 pages, ebook, KU



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