Book Review – BENEATH CRUEL WATERS by Jon Bassoff

This is my first Bassoff book and I have to say, I am really impressed.

This is a story about a guy who has to go back to his hometown to arrange his mother’s funeral after she unexpectedly passes away. While he’s going through stuff in her room he finds a gun, a love letter and a polaroid of a man’s dead body. The rest of the story is the son trying to figure out what those items have to do with his mother and what really happened to his family in the past.

This was a very engaging story. It bounces between the present and the past, different perspectives as you try to figure out the mystery. This had heartbreaking moments dealing with grief, religion, love, mental illness, chemical abuse and motherhood–there’s a lot you can unpack.

I have been reading thrillers and mysteries for a while now so I am immediately on guard and don’t trust any characters in books so when certain plot twists happened, I sort of guessed them. There was one big reveal I was surprised by and even though I figured out some of the shocking moments, I still quite enjoyed them. There was a really hard scene for me to read towards the end that I kind of scanned through because it’s a sensitive thing for me so look into content warnings! There are quite a few.

Again, this was a well written book that was easy to read and burn through. The story itself had me hooked from the start and I was quickly sucked into this trauma filled thriller.


Author: Jon Bassoff


313 pages, Paperback



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