Short Story Review – THE TURQUOISE DOOR by Roxie Voorhees

What a fun little novelette!

It’s about a mysterious turquoise door discovered during a remodeling of an old house and what influence it might have on people.

I went into this really not knowing a thing and that’s the way to read this short story. I wasn’t sure what to expect and even when I thought it was going to go a certain troupey way, it didn’t! I was pleasantly surprised by the ending, mystery and bits of horror.

I really enjoy when short horror stories are like this one–it kept my attention and gives a fulflling punch by the end. Also, I didn’t realize I needed horrotica in my life. Yay!



During renovations on their new home, Jordan finds a hidden door in the basement. This door isn’t like any they’ve opened before.

When their partner crosses the threshold, they fear they will never see her again.
Then she returns.

Proceeds benefit The Trevor Project

39 pages, ebook

Author: Roxie Voorhees



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