Book Review – WE CAN NEVER LEAVE THIS PLACE by Eric LaRocca

Another great book by an amazing author. Wow.

This is a story about a teenage girl who loses her father during a time of war. While living with her pregnant mother and trying to grieve her father’s passing, a stranger swindles his way into their lives. You really need to go into this not knowing much and having an open mind.

From the start, I felt so uncomfortable because of the setting and disgusting descriptions. A lot of this feels almost fantastical and surreal, which took me a bit to get use to but I really enjoyed how weird it goes. By the end, I had such a huge “aha” moment and once I realized what happened..I immediately reread the very beginning to find clues and hints about things.

I think this one was deeper than Eric’s other books because you are seeing things from the main characters tragic perspective. You can’t help but to feel her pain and worries. Yes, Eric’s other books are amazing in their own ways but this one stands out the most for me. I definitely plan on rereading it again in a few months.

It’s not too often I want to immediately discuss a book right after reading it–I did with this. I DM’d friends online with, “DID YOU READ ERIC’S LATEST?!” I wanted to divulge the story and characters. So with this coming out in just a few days, I CANNOT wait for everyone to be able to read this unique, disgusting and yet beautiful story. I want to see what others think and see if it was as profound for them as it was for me.



*Thank you to the author for the e-arc in exchange for my honest review.


Author: Eric LaRocca

106 pages, Paperback



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