Audiobook Review – WAKE THE BONES by Elizabeth Kilcoyne || NetGalley

Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for an early review of this audiobook.

The production of the audiobook was done well and was easy to listen to.

I was drawn to the cover and the title so I requested without really knowing a whole lot about the story. The story was a bit forgettable for me (I’m struggling now to remember some of it). From the bits that stuck around in my head, this story is told from multiple pov’s and timelines. A young girl is pretty much is seen as cursed because of her witchy mother. There are some genuinely creepy moments that I enjoyed but it definitely reads as a YA horror/thriller which isn’t my favorite (totally my fault).

The plot was mostly interesting, the ending was ‘meh’ but I really liked the vibe/atmosphere of it.


Author: Elizabeth Kilcoyne

9 hr 16 min, Audiobook



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