Book Review – THE GHOST OF STORMER HILL by Craig Wallwork

An enjoyable conclusion to one of my favorite storylines ever.

This is the third book in the (as of right now) the Tom Nolan trilogy. It is a detective horror series that is all the gore and mess you can get. Tom Nolan is one of my favorite characters and Craig did a great job with showing how far you can push a character into tragedy.

In all the books he is tracking down different serial killers and trying to solve an overarching mystery. I don’t typically care too much for detective storylines but this had me invested from the start and is one of my favorite series yet.

I don’t want to go into detail about this book because of obvious spoilers but this picks up after a major event from Book 2 so you get to see the ramifications of it and how it influences things in Book 3. I would recommend reading Heart of Glass before reading this one. It has a couple characters from that book in The Ghost of Stormer Hill and it was fun to see how they are intertwined in this WILD plot. I really loved the relationships in this world and how things didn’t seem completely unrealistic–that’s what makes it chilling…the “Bad People” in this story are most definitely in our reality.

As a fun side note, there’s a character named after me which I’m over the moon about. I am a huge fan of Craig’s so when he chose to use my maiden name (Truchan) in this book, I was beyond excited. I loved my character and his integral part in Tom Nolan’s life.

Tom Nolan Series

Again, I love this book and this series. I feel The Ghost of Stormer Hill gave me the same excited feelings as the first book Bad People. I liked the second but this one felt more familiar, like I was back at home with my best friend.

If you like horror, plot twists and tragic detective characters then you should pick up this trilogy. Like I’ve said in my other reviews of Craigs works, this has the same vibes as American Psycho, True Detective and Se7en. More people need to get on the Wallwork train and enjoy the messed up story of Tom Nolan. It’s totally worth it.


*CW galore

Author: Craig Wallwork

221 pages, Kindle (Available on KU)



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