Book Review – SENTINEL by Drew Starling

A monster. A missing boy. And nowhere to turn.

Wow…such an enjoyable read. It’s my first Starling read and he did not disappoint at all. This is a story about a family that witnesses a huge mysterious creature across from their house. Weird things start to happen and affect the husband’s mental state.

Soon after the sighting, bad things begin to happen near their home and the police are baffled by everything that’s going on. Wild supernatural things occur and the disappearance of the couple’s young son pushes them over the edge.

I really loved the fact that in this story, the stronger characters are women. The wife/mother of the family is the one trying to push forward on investigations and eventually takes things in her own hands. The motherly instincts she shows felt very authentic and believable. It was a breath of fresh air that the father wasn’t exactly the “prince charming” to save the day–he was actually more sensitive to what was going on and more affected. While reading certain scenes in this where the mother was being H.I.B.C, I couldn’t help but say “F*ck Yeah!”.

SENTINEL is honestly a great story and unique. There was one specific scene where the husband is sleeping in bed and starts to see horrific things in his room. My Goddess…it was genuinely scary. It gave such a creepy vibe that’s similar to the movie “The Grudge”–images I will never forget. Did I have to stop reading that part of the book because I was in the dark and was a bit freaked out? YES. This doesn’t happen too often for me so that alone makes me rate a book five stars.

Overall, I am a fan of Starling’s writing style. It was easy to follow even with the different perspectives and multiple characters. I am absolutely invested in this story and town so I will be immediately reading the sequel to this wild book.

The sequel, NOTHUS, is out now! It is also available on KU.

I recommend SENTINEL to people who enjoy small town stories with bits of the supernatural and cultish vibes.

Thank you again to the author for this copy in exchange of my honest review.


*CW galore

Author: Drew Starling

282 pages, Paperback



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