Short Story Review – CRACKED by Ruth Anna Evans

What would it be like to be homeless because of your own mental deterioration and phobias?

This short story tackles this concept in a unique way. The main character has a debilitating belief that he is going to die if he goes into a building. Since he is scared to stay in his own home, he ends up living on the streets and lives the nomad lifestyle.

Not only does his normal life “crack” but also does his mental health.

Again, I loved this concept and I’ve never read anything like this before which I will always appreciate. I personally found the ending to be a bit predictable but I still enjoyed the story as a whole. After CRACKED there is a flash fiction short story that I thought was super relatable and comical. Ruth shows her versatility in writing styles in these two short pieces. She’s definitely someone to keep an eye out for in the indie horror world.


*CW: DM if you want to know.

Ebook – Kindle Unlimited

Author: Ruth Anna Evans