Short Story Collection Review – DEATH IS FUNNY SOMETIMES by MC August

“Death is funny sometimes”

I really enjoyed this book from a new to me author. A lot of the stories were funny or had elements of irony which worked well for this collection. It has bits of revenge, thriller, mafia, sci-fi-ish, supernatural and body horror elements. It really does a little bit of everything.

The author’s writing style is easy to read and the storylines are straight forward which is great for short stories. Some of them are comical and others are actually thought provoking. So much fun!

Out of the collection, I believe my favorite stories were:

MIKE & MANDY FIGHT THROUGH THE END OF THE WORLD, which is a couple who find themselves in the start of the apocalypse while getting divorced. Super funny.

DEAD KID AT A SLEEPOVER, a group of kids have a sleepover and a school bully invites himself over to cause trouble. This ending was so wild, absolutely loved it.

HOW TO CATCH CRAWFISH AS TOLD BY RUFUS WHEELER, a father and son catch a mysterious animal while fishing for crawfish. The father will do anything to get out of poverty. This is a great concept for a story and a little bit sad–perfect for me.

HIDDEN HILLS, a young man confronts his celebrity father who abandoned him. The ending was unpredictable and done really well.

I would recommend this collection to fans of Tales from the Crypt or Donnie Goodman’s collection, The Razorblades in My Head.


*Tons of CW–look them up
**Thank you again to the author for this review ebook in exchange for my honest review.

Ebook – 145 pages

Author: MC August