Short Story Review – IT’S ME, CHARLIE by C.M. Guidroz

I think I’m triggered by Taco Bell cups now..

I finished this in one sitting and’s gross.

It’s about a man obsessed with a woman online and takes things into his own hands to make their paths cross.

I loved the fact that this is based around a bookish online community since I also have met quite a few people online but not in person. This is mostly where the horror is–you really don’t know who you are talking to online.

I enjoyed being in the mind of the main character ‘Charlie’ and seeing his rationale behind doing horrific things. It’s wild. I don’t normally get a physical reaction from gross stuff in books but I now know what can do that to me thanks to this writer.😅 Once this dark foreshadowing was shown, I dreaded the moment it would happen and even though it was absolutely disgusting, I loved it gave me such a strong reaction.

Overall, this is fairly fast paced and a solid story. This trope never gets old for me and the fact that the MC seems like your average type of adds to the unsettling atmosphere.

I think I wanted more gore to balance out the gross but really it’s a pretty decent read if you like to be shocked and grossed out.


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Ebook – 55 pages

Author: C.M. Guidroz