A Novella Arc Review – FUCKED [An Extreme Horror Novella] by Wesley Winters

A great mix of different horror subgenres put into a blender with a pinch of humor and a HEAVY splash of extreme–it was truly fucked.

PUB DATE: February, 2023

This is a story about a mysterious forest that has weird, supernatural elements within its trees and skies. We follow a group of college kids as they camp in these woods and trip on some shrooms. Needless to say, some things don’t go as planned.

I found this story quite enjoyable and easy to read. I REALLY loved the beginning where we follow a father and daughter who are in the forest hiking/camping, then a super graphic scene kicks off the novella. It played out in my mind like a movie and it was very unsettling. I absolutely love when the unknown and horror get together to make an extreme horror baby…and extreme this is.

There is a lot of body horror so if you are at all sensitive, definitely look into the content warnings. FUCKED felt very out of control and unpredictable, which is how the high characters are feeling during their night of hell. The author did a great job with having the cosmic horror not be TOO cosmic for me–typically high cosmic horror goes over my head and I get confused but with this novella it added to my reading experience, not distract from it. Also, it is based around another trope I normally don’t care for but again, I was pleasantly surprised at how original it was.

As for the ending, it worked for me. This type of ending is the kind I always enjoy and thrive on. Another thing to note, there are sexual moments that for some reason caught me off guard. All the scenes were pretty spicy and contributed to some fucked up moments.

I would recommend this to people who don’t mind being in the minds of 20-somethings and experiencing their bad decisions with them. Again, this has bits of cosmic horror, tons of body horror, space (?) horror and doomsday horror. This novella also gave me similar vibes as Cabin in the Woods mixed with The Evil Dead and a dash of Midsommar.

Give me all the fucked up horror Mr. Winters–I’m here for it!


*Thank you to the author for this e-copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

Kindle E-Arc

Author: Wesley Winters