Short Story Review – SIDE EFFECTS INCLUDE by Ruth Anna Evans

SIDE EFFECTS INCLUDE is a great medical horror that makes all your WebMD nightmares come true.

Laura has come to a point of her life that she is unhappy with her appearance, her marriage..pretty much everything. Laura tries to fix one “issue” but slowly falls into an abyss of symptoms that are out of her control.

I really enjoyed this super short story! This poor character is stuck on a slippery slope and goes through A LOT. I thought the ending was great. I wasn’t expecting it to go the route it did but I’m happy it did.

There is body horror and gory moments so look up the CWs if you need to.

I think this is my favorite Ruth Anna Evans story so far. Brava!



Middle age is hitting Laura hard: her husband has lost interest; her hair is thinning; she’s gaining weight. But when she seeks medical help, the side effects are so much worse.

A disgusting 6,000 word medical horror story, Side Effects Include will have you squirming in your seat. Everyone promises Laura she’ll feel better, but before long she finds herself tied to a hospital bed with a needle in her neck. For Laura, it’s hell. For the horror lover, it’s a bloody good time.

This story contains topics that will be disturbing for some readers.

Content Warnings can be found at:

KU Ebook – 30 pages

Author: Ruth Anna Evans