A Novella Review – THREE-SMILE MILE by Chad Lutzke

This is a cat and mouse crime thriller story about a diner cook who suddenly runs away with a married woman he just met while working. There are many obstacles and threats they have to face in order to get what they want or need.

PUB DATE: 1/27/2023

Ahhh Lutzke does such a great job at writing characters that I end up adoring. The main male character’s name is Cake which I love so much and his counterpart is Diane. Even in a short amount of pages, the characters have depth and some growth.

There is insta love which I typically don’t care for but it didn’t bother me hete. I was surprised at how much this is a love story and it was really refreshing. Plus some moments surprised me–yeeesss!!

There are some violent characters that are unpredictable and this perfectly adds tension to many different scenes. It gave me the same uncertain feeling as the series FARGO/TRUE DETECTIVE and I love that!

This is a story about love, adventure, knowing yourself and what you really want. In order to break free from your insecurities and chains of the mundane, sometimes you have to follow your gut and run away with that mysterious stranger sitting in a diner booth.


CW – DM me if you want to know them.


*Thank you to the author for a review copy in exchange for my honest review.

Kindle E-Arc



Author: Chad Lutzke