[Book Review] THE 11TH PLAGUE by Tony Evans

This is a story about a teenage boy who goes out in the woods to hunt and finds himself crossing paths with some satanists. Can evil be stopped or do good intentions just make things worse?

I really enjoyed this story. This is my first Tony Evans and I am impressed. The author did a great job hooking me in from the very first page and made it difficult to put down. This is an easy read in one seating type of book.

There were graphic parts that made my skin crawl and surprising moments that made me physically say, “oooohhh nooo! Wtf?!” out loud. I definitely laughed more than I anticipated. I wouldn’t say this is a complete horror comedy but the banter between characters were witty and amusing.

It has quite a bit of body horror and violence but not for just the shock of it all which was quite refreshing.

Some of the dialogue between characters could have been pruned down a little bit to keep up with tense scenes…but it kinda worked with how ridiculous some of the scenes were happening in those moments.

I recommend this to people who like Creepshow and cult-like things. I am actually not the biggest fan of cult stuff but this was palatable and didn’t completely take itself seriously so it worked for me.

I am really glad to have stumbled across this fun little satanist book at Scared That Cares AuthorCon II and got to meet the talented author behind this story.

You officially have a fan. I highly recommend this plague of good times.


*CW galore

Author: Tony Evans

134 pages, Paperback



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