[Book Review] DRENCRoM by Hamelin Bird

A novella inspired by A Clockwork Orange and the cosmic imagination of an innovative indie horror author.

This is about a girl who is a bit lost in the world and wants to try this hard to get drug called DRENCRoM. It’s a wild psychedelic type and really makes you trip. So the reader follows along with her pursuit to get some and her adventures afterwards.

Cover Design by AA Medina

Oh Hamelin..what to say about this little novella. It starts out like your standard, sort of spooky drug filled story but goes the wildest direction and I LOVED IT. The sheer joy I got out of the ridiculous, grossness from this was amazing.

I was buddy reading this with @readswithdogs and she mentioned a certain thing from the story, which I hadn’t gotten to yet at that point..but it was so out of left field I didn’t understand what she meant until things were revealed. Omg..it’s so funny. I cackled and was so excited that Hamelin went the route he did with the story.

There were a couple moments that happened I was surprised about and the body horror was top notch. One scene was done really well and I felt the anxiety while reading it–I was deep into the moment and it was unsettling…so good.

Overall, this is the type of novella I really enjoy. Something that takes a storyline that I’ve read quite a few times and flip it into a thing that keeps me on my toes while saying, “wtf?!.” I wouldn’t say this is horrifying in a “scary” sense but moreso with the weird and splattery moment.

I recommend this to readers who enjoy some cosmic, trippy stuff..a little bit of humor in your horror and an ending that makes you think.

Hamelin knocked it out of the ballpark with this one and successfully made me trip on some DRENCRoM. Definitely worth the read especially if you want to give his work a try.

*CW galore

5/5 stars

**Thank you for a review copy in exchange of my honest review.

Author: Hamelin Bird

144 pages, Paperback



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