[Poetry Book Review] SAD SEXY CATHOLIC by Lauren Badillo Milici

In this intimate collection of poetry, spells are cast, hearts are broken, and prayers go unanswered. Sad Sexy Catholic follows the journey of a young twenty-something as she navigates the already difficult task of existing made even harder by trauma, body dysmorphia, a personality disorder, and leftover guilt from a religious upbringing. The speaker in these poems strives to find softness, even in the darkest of moments.

This little pink of wonder is FANTASTIC. Yes, I am not a poetry expert but this collection connected to me in every way. Each poem is short and sweet, leaving such some heartbreaking moments and honest feelings. You can just feel the author’s rawness seeping out of the pages and sucking you into each moment. I easily read this in one sitting and was just beyond impressed by how simple the collection is but still has so much depth and passion. The collection works perfectly well as a whole and just tickles that little sad awkward goth girl that’s been inside of me since my teens.

This is definitely something I will reread over and over again. Also, CLASH killed it with the print work. The pages are pink…I REPEAT..THE PAGES ARE PINK!! Absolutely stunning and such an adorable size.

The author did a fantastic job and I highly recommend this book. I give it all the stars! I need to read more from this author and from CLASH!

5/5 stars

Author: Lauren Badillo Milici

100 pages, Paperback



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