I have 10+ years of experience in customer service, collaborations, graphic design and multimedia. I also have a degree in Communications and Digital Media.

When you hire me for a project, you aren’t just getting my unique design skills but you’re getting my conceptual ideas for problem solving as well.

How to start:

Just contact me! You can either email me through my “Contact” page on my site or DM me on any social media. I am pretty much on most of them.

You can also jumpstart with filling out a design request with all your needs and details. Click here.

What I will need to start:

Once you send me what you are looking for, I’ll ask for these standard things:

  • Cover Only? Full-Wrap? Any other types needed? (check my “Book Cover Designs” page to see what all I offer).
  • If you want a Full-Wrap..what are you printing through? KDP? Ingram? Both?
  • Dimensions of cover? (i.e 6×9, 5×8, etc)
  • Number of pages? (if you don’t have this from the start, it’s okay–we can wait!)
  • Type of paper? (White, Cream)
  • Type of book? (Ebook, Paperback, Hardcover)
  • Do you have any examples of the style you like or inspirations?
  • Do you have a brief synopsis I can refer to for ‘vibe’?
  • Deadline?
  • Budget or if you would like to do a payment plan.
  • Depending what you’re able to pay, I will need at least half the cost of the project up front–if not, a minimum of $20 to reserve your spot.
  • Sidenote: I can put you down for work or if you buy a premade but don’t need it done now but later–not a problem! Just let me know you want to put it on hold and I’ll save it for when you’re ready.

Final Product Delivery

Depending on what you want I will typically finish up a project like this:

  • Have you finalize the design.
  • Create your own folder on my Dropbox where you will find all your items.
  • In the folder I will have any of these items: JPGs of final cover, final back, final cover without the text, final full-wrap(s); Final full-wrap in PDF (for print); Any special fonts that you can download to use; Full-wrap temps.
  • You will be able to download all the items from your folder.
  • Then you go get your awesome product printed!

Editing Process

Once I start putting the cover design together, I will most likely send you a rough draft of what I come up with and will send to you to see if you like it or don’t. If you don’t, PLEASE TELL ME! I will not have my feelings hurt. Remember, this is YOUR project so it’s whatever you want! I won’t take offense if you don’t like something I come up with–I am adaptable.

I always ask for your opinion and approval before finalizing anything. I don’t charge extra for edits but if I have to pretty much start from scratch with a completely new design after you okayed the original line of edits, then there will be an extra charge.

Again, I have no problems with editing stuff or having to change/update something (i.e add a blurb, change in page count, etc). I am here to help you create a face for your story that you’ve worked hard on. We are a team.

My Work Schedule

I am a hardworker and actually have a hard time “shutting off” my constant need to work or to be available. So I am practically on having a “work schedule” because I am a stay-at-home Mom with my own personal life stuff to take care of as well. I am normally “on call” but I’m going to hold back a little for non emergencies. You can always send me questions or messages about stuff, I just might not respond right away. PLEASE don’t take offense or as if I’m ignoring you. I’m not! Designing things is my ‘part-time’ job so I need to treat it like one.

With all that said,

my design work hours that I will answer messages and or emails faster will be M-F (8am PST – 3pm PST) and Sunday (depending what’s happening or needed)

These times work around my son’s schedule and everything else in my home life. If I don’t respond to you within 3 business days, please reach out again. Your message or email might have gotten lost in the mix or ended up in my spam email.

Now when I message or email you questions about anything, I am not expecting you to respond to me immediately. I understand life gets busy so don’t fret! This shouldn’t be a stressful process so I try not to make it one. If you do have an emergency though, like..”OMG Kristina! There’s a typo and I need to get this uploaded today!” or “UGH! The full-wrap keeps popping up with an error about the size..HELP!”, I will help you as soon as I see your message. I am here to help and problem solve with you if anything happens to hiccup the process along the way.


My commissions slots have been filling up quickly the last few months so I would suggest hitting me up about getting put on the calendar just in case. Again, if you need a premade book cover design–head over to my other page and see what’s available or more in depth details on pricing.

Thank you so much for checking out my work process page! I really look forward to hearing from you and seeing what kind of kick ass design we can come up with together. Let’s do this!

“….Kristina is all hits and no misses.

– Bookeyman (Online Influencer)

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