My name is Kristina and I have almost 15 years experience in graphic design and multimedia work.

I have an AA in Digital Media and a BA in Communications.

When you hire me for a project, you aren’t just getting my design skills but you get my conceptual ideas for problem solving as well. I am interested in designing for a variety of genres and themes. I like to try out new ideas and styles all the while keeping an eye on the latest trends. Great communication is very important to me and I thrive in collaborations.

I hope to be able to work with you soon.


I have mostly done design work for items like bookmarks and stickers but I have recently started living my dream of being a book cover designer. Examples of what I can do can be found on HERE.

Below are some designs I’ve done for different projects over the years. If you have any questions or would like to see some more of my work, don’t hesitate to email me!

Client Reviews:

“Kristina was an absolute delight to work with. Great communication and really brought our vision to life!”

Night Worms [Ashley] Website

“Kristina was so wonderful to work with! I approached her to commission a bookmark and bookplate for a story that didn’t have a standard theme, and she incorporated all my ideas in a way that I wouldn’t have been able to do myself. I appreciated how easy it was to communicate throughout the process regarding ideas and anything that needed slight changes. She responded quickly and kindly and I highly recommend her whenever I can.”

Katrina Carruth [author] Instagram

“Working with TruBornDesign was great for me and my weird anglerfish friend. Kristina is phenomenal to work with; she will give you great insight, work on your project with passion, and most importantly tell you that you aren’t the worst. Extremely supportive and fun to work with! 10/10 will bother again!”

Damien Casey [author] Instagram

“Kristina conjured up sick and disturbing graphics, texts, logos, bookmarks, and site cards. I couldn’t have been more impressed! She is (truly) the newborn heir of horror covers & horrific design and illustration. Seek out her dark talents!”

Kyle Winkler, author of The Nothing That Is & OH PAIN Instagram

“If you want your book to look beautiful, you can’t do better than TrubornDesign. Kristina has an intuitive sense for what makes a book cover come together, and will go above and beyond to realize your vision.”

Brian Asman [author] Twitter

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of talented illustrators and cover artists across a variety of projects, but I have to say that Kristina’s level of service and quality of work ranks amongst the finest I’ve seen so far. She absolutely nailed the vibe I was after for my cover straight away, bringing a modern look and sensibility to an unusual design.

I can’t wait to work with her again.”

Jack Harding [author] Instagram

“Kristina is a designer who knows her sh*t. She has an unprecedented ability to bring your ideas to life and creates designs that not only speak to your vision, but go beyond your expectations. She has a keen eye for detail, is transparent with communication and feedback, and really has great instincts when it comes to what does (or doesn’t) work. I can’t recommend TrubornDesign enough.”

Caitlin Marceau [author] Instagram